Publication or Contributor Authors Title Reference Treatment conditions Control/normal conditions Main source of perturbation Environmental factor tested
PMID: 25248550 Georg J, Dienst D, Schürgers N, Wallner T, Kopp D, Stazic D, Kuchmina E, Klähn S, Lokstein H, Hess WR, Wilde A The small regulatory RNA SyR1/PsrR1 controls photosynthetic functions in cyanobacteria Plant Cell. 2014 Sep;26(9):3661-79 Cultures were incubated in copper-free medium for the indicated times. Repression of the promoter PpetJ was achieved by adding 5 μM CuSO4 to the medium. The Synechocystis sp PCC 6803 strain PCC-M) were grown in BG11 medium containing 10 mM TES buffer, pH 8.0, under continuous illumination with white light at 40 to 50 μmol photons m–2 s–1 at 30°C. mutant/Environmetal Nutrient limitation