Publication or Contributor Authors Title Reference Treatment conditions Control/normal conditions Main source of perturbation Environmental factor tested
PMID:25386944 Gunnelius L, Kurkela J, Hakkila K, Koskinen S, Parikainen M, Tyystjärvi T. The ω subunit of RNA polymerase is essential for thermal acclimation of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. PLoS One. 2014 Nov 11;9(11):e112599. For DNA microarray studies, OD730 was set to 0.1, and the cells were grown in standard growth conditions for three days. Then the samples from standard conditions (OD730 = 1, 40 ml) were harvested by centrifugation at 4500 g for 6 min at 4°C in pre-cooled centrifuge tubes or cells were treated at 40°C under continuous illumination, PPFD 40 µmol m−2 s−1, for 24 h before harvest The glucose tolerant control strain of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, the ω subunit inactivation strain ΔrpoZ and the complementation strain ΔrpoZ+rpoZ were grown in BG-11 medium supplemented with 20 mM Hepes pH 7.5. Cells were grown (30 ml of cell culture in a 100-ml Erlenmeyer flask) at 32°C, 38°C or 40°C in air level CO2 under constant illumination at the PPFD of 40 µmol m−2 s−1 and shaking at 90 rpm mutant/Environmetal Temperature